Pending Legislation

Below is a list of some of the pending legislation that effects the sportsmen and women of Vermont. We encourage your participation in the legislative process.

When you click on the bills it will open up the Vermont legislative website where you can read the bill as well as contact any legislator involved in the bill. We also highly encourage you to establish a 1 on 1 relationship with your local representatives and senator. You can find your local lawmakers with this directory. 


Click Here To Find My Vermont Legislator



Pending Firearms Legislation

S.6 Universal Background Checks

S.80 Arming Of Corrections Officers

S.221 Extreme Risk Protection Order

H.422 Seizure Of Firearms Without Due Process

Pending Fish& Wildlife Legislation

H.590 Fur-Bearing Animal Trapping

H.591 Changes Fishing Access to Recreational Access

Berlin Pond Prohibition

H.40 Ban Motors On Ponds & Lakes

H.60 Coyote Hunting Restrictions

H.220 Ban Possession of Ivory or Rhino Horn 

H.262 Licence Needed To take Nuisance Wildlife

H.277 Allow Light To Hunt Coyotes

H.336 Reorganization Of F&W Board




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