The Vermont Federation of Sportsman's Clubs (VTFSC) is an association of Clubs; think of us as being an umbrella organization that allows the varying interests of sportsmen and sportswomen in the Great State of Vermont to be represented to the legislature.

Originally established in 1875, the VTFSC has actively advocated for the responsible management and conservation of of Vermont's natural resources with a specific focus on the proper management of Vermont's varied and abundant wildlife.   As an example:  When we formed there were no White Tailed deer in this state, they had been hunted out.  Our organization was not only pivotal in the successful reintroduction of white tailed deer, we were also pivotal in the creation of the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife, and to this day we retain a close and cohesive working relationship with both the department and their outstanding staff.  

As a short list of what we do:

  1. We represent the interests of our 50+ member clubs; clubs which individually represent a wide variety of sporting and outdoor interests including, but not limited to, hunting, fishing, trapping and competitive shooting.  We additionally focus on legislation which has bearing on Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution, as well as the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution

  2. We are a registered lobbying organization with registered lobbyists that actively work with the Legislature and Administration on active legislation at every available opportunity to further the interests of our member clubs; fight bad bills and support bills which are favorable

  3. We work closely with the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department to support their initiatives and mandates, as well as give sporting input to them

  4. We actively support Hunter Education and Firearms training

  5. We support Women on Target 

  6. We have purchased (and pay taxes on) land that was bought for the sole purpose of providing public access to a land-locked Wildlife Management (Blueberry Hill Wildlife Management Area)

  7. We have donated over $20,000 to help other New England states fight anti-hunting initiatives, such as Maine

  8. We have donated $10,000 to help purchase land to expand the Kehoe Conservation Camp

  9. We support Operation Game Thief, a program designed to help protect Vermont Wildlife from people who poach or otherwise break F&W rules and regulations, including providing rewards for information that leads to an arrest 

  10. We have paid the way for literally hundreds of Vermont youth so that they could attend Vermont's Fish & Wildlife Conservation Camps; an application for this can be found here.

  11. The VTFSC can occasionally provide grants to worthy causes, as well as provide both from our 501c3 sister organization known as the Federation Fund for Conservation & Training.  The Grant application for the Federation Fund can be found here.

  12. We annually host a Legislative Mixer at the Statehouse Cafeteria in an effort to allow sportsmen and sportswomen to meet with legislators in an informal setting, and we pay for there to be approximately $1,500 of Finger Food and snacks, as well as paying for a liquor license (a cash bar is available)

  13. and much, much more...

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