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Bills Directly Pertaining to Firearms


Bill #

Short Description of Bill


Confiscation of firearms for restraining order

H.159 72 Hour Waiting Period For All Firearms Transfers
H.203 Mandatory Lock-Up-Your-Guns
S.22 Two day waiting periods and mandatory firearms lockup
S.26 Prohibits manufacture of firearm by 3-D printing or sharing 3-D firearm print files
S.29 Prohibits sale of animal parts, I.E. Ivory, with exemption for musical instruments but not firearms


Bills Pertaining to newly passed Magazine Ban


Bill # Short Description of Bill
S.1 Removal of Sunset on Out-of-State Competitors Attending Competitions with Standard Magazines
S.2 Transfer of standard magazines by will to heirs (currently prevented)
S.3 Redefine definition of "Large Capacity" to not exclude standard capacity magazines  (up to 30 rds)
S.13 Sale of standard magazines to immediate family allowed


Bills Pertaining to Fish & Wildlife


Bill # Short Description of Bill
H.80 Allow Suppressors for hunting game
H.190 Restructure of Vt Dept of Fish & Wildlife for Highly Questionable and Misguided Reasons
H.211 Prohibit Use of Air Guns for Taking Game


Bills of Special Interest


Bill # Short Description of Bill
S.11 Limit Vermont state senate seats to a maximum of 3 per district
S.106 Allowing for Municipal Self-Governance
H.241 Allowing for Municipal Self-Governance


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